Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) means involving people in all aspects of the research process as partners rather than as research contributors. This involvement might take place at all or any of the stages of the research process for example:

  • Designing and prioritising research questions

  • Undertaking research

  • Disseminating research findings

  • Implementing research findings

  • Evaluating research

Including PPI in research can make research more relevant and improve the quality by addressing issues that are important to the public.

The PPI Network at Queen’s aims to support the excellent PPI ongoing across the university by providing opportunities to build capacity in PPI, to network and share resources and best practice.

Queen’s University Belfast has an abundance of outstanding PPI research being carried out across our 3 faculties and this research drives engagement with many hundreds of PPI contributors and collaborators across Northern Ireland and, indeed, further afield. The Hub is a host for sharing information with researchers and contributors in PPI research at all levels. No matter what your level of involvement you will be able to find guidance and support through this Hub.